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Hatsune Miku’s pantsu:v

image source: Blinding Voice

translation: Azerec(me)

カゲプlog by シチ

Basically Haruka’s thoughts before and right after meeting Takane ; A ;

»[Full resolution]« CLICK HERE Tumblr’s such a pain =”= I hate posting a series of photos here!

お久しぶり~ I’ve come back to Tumblr after well, about 3 months, I guess XD But I was not just lazing around for those whole 3 months, I’ve got to study Japanese all seriously and properly, not as an interest anymore!!!

This is my first translation after passing the 1st JLPT, so I hope there won’t be so many many errors like before~

I’m glad that after 3 months and lots of other fandom, Harutaka’s still my best OTP ^w^

(vía tatataraactor)


As promised, here’s the 5th part of Winter Anthology:

ShintaroFever!! by Komesuke

i’d rather not comment on this…

more to come~


It’s A Fair Winter’s Ordeal by Shimakage Rua

(winter anthology, of course~)

This time the Mekakushi Dan is having a hotpot. What could go wrong??

*yaminabe means eating hotpot (or similar dishes) in the dark, without knowing what you’re going to get


I can’t believe I gained followers from my first post! XD Anyway, thank you so much for the warm welcome!
So here’s a little something. ^-^ (I hope everyone will like it!)image